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CCEB Brochure Page 6-7

CCEB Brochure Page 8-9

[Brochure design for Cairns College of English and Business] Print copies of the brochure are distributed at educational fairs overseas. An electronic copy of the brochure is published on the CCEB website and sent out to over 350 agencies overseas via email. To view large images, please click images above.

Cairns College of English and Business (CCEB) is an independent school, established in March 2010 as an English language centre, catering for the English language needs of international students. CCEB is a CRICOS registered provider, NEAS accredited and a member of ACPET.

CCEB has also just become an IALC-accredited language school. As a recently accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO), CCEB now offers Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses as well. The college also hosts many study tour students who come to learn English and experience all the fantastic activities that Far North Queensland has to offer.


Cairns Says Hello

This video was created at Cairns College of English and Business to promote their Customer Service Course.

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4 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Designer

A professional and strategic website design is the key to your digital marketing success. It reflects your originality and creativity. Professional web designs are fundamental for any business keen on making stable growth. So why should you choose customer tailored designs over all-in-one templates?

1. Your brand stands out from the crowd

Choose a cost-effective solution. Your website should be a ‘stunning showroom’ for your products and services. A professional and appealing website is compulsory on a highly competitive market. As professional web designers, we use effective technologies to increase the form and functionality of your online assets. This means that you have a persuasive as well as useful platform to sell your products.

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3 Reasons to Invest in Your Online Brand

Coca Cola

“The Coca Cola bottle is 100 years young!” – The Coca Cola company

Don’t let an unprofessional and unstructured website hurt your online brand! Your professionally designed, interactive and customised website along with social media strategy are crucial for your virtual brand. A powerful example is Coca-Cola that distinguishes itself from other generic ones. Apple, Google and McDonald’s are other examples that showcase their power through their brand. So why should you invest in your online brand?

1. Get recognised

An authoritative showcase of your talents, achievements, products and services will get you noticed. Your audience will envision you, imagine you and want to connect with you. Therefore, when people search for you or your website on Google, your online brand will help you achieve this consumer confidence. Hence, a powerful online brand will empower your business as an industry leader. This recognition as a ‘business leader’ is crucial to your success.

2. Increase a loyal customer base

Ivan Aristeguieta

Ivan Aristeguieta’s website and social media reflect Ivan’s funny comic brand image:

Deckers and Lacy note that your brand should create the appropriate emotional response when people see you online or meet you in person. For example, if you are a stand-up comic, your brand image is ‘funny’. Your website and social media should reflect that when you post your jokes or event videos. You will appeal to your audience and develop a relationship with them. If you are able to highlight this emotional response, your fiercely loyal customer base will prefer you over others in the competitive market space.

Utopia & Utility

Detterre – Dream Home Decoration

Detterre website

The homepage of Detterre website

One of our clients, Detterre, is a distributor of handmade vases made from clay and glassware. Breathing a sense of spirit into any decor, their handmade vases transform living spaces into aesthetically pleasing masterpieces.

Featuring vases of all shapes and sizes, colours and textures, versatility is key. Perfect as a centrepiece on a dining table or displayed as a collection on a hotel reception desk, Detterre’s products are adaptable and synonymous. Their vases can also double as sculptures to add that extra visor into a dull living or commercial space.

Detterre’s mission is not just to sell isolated objects. They want these magnificent artworks to be part of the ‘story’ our customers are striving to create in their homes and workplace studios – to facilitate and enterprise, to cast light upon a space by creating a dynamic and luxuriant living area. When Detterre came to Leaders’ Partner asking for a new look for strategic online presence, we were thrilled. We worked tirelessly on a new web design that would be the perfect fit and provide a suitable tone for the brand of Detterre.

Flower Me Happy Pot

Flower Me Happy Pot Meyer Lavigne’s Flower Me Happy Pot series

The website is minimalistic and sophisticated. Breathtaking pictures of the vases in their suitable interior ‘settings’ are displayed on the home page. The audience is able to get a feel of what the brand stands for.

Detterre’s social media links are displayed on the top right hand side. Because of its central location, the audience is able to access the tabs with ease. Facebook and Pinterest are the major channels to interact with the existing fans of Detterre and future customers.

Product information is in abundance on the website as seen via the Product tab. The audience can read about the materials and the origin of each brand. The Product menu consists of four design brands: Tsunami Glassworks, Utopia & Utility, Meyer Lavigne and Ditte Fischer. Each brand page shows the overview of the designer’s collections on one page by easily scrolling down on a computer, tablet or smartphone screen.

Leaders’ Partner has ensured the layout of the website is easy to navigate and informative. It is eye-catching, sophisticated and unique, just like the brand it represents.