Evelyn Douglas

Evelyn DouglasEvelyn’s career began in Information Technology and progressed to project management. Along the way she completed her Master of Business Administration at the University of Melbourne and formalised her IT knowledge with a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology.

Evelyn worked as a Project Officer for Qantas, Telstra and ExxonMobil where she enjoyed project responsibilities, in charge of operations management, change management, and business process improvement. Retiring from corporate life to pursue a role that supports individual health and wellness, Evelyn now teaches Yoga regularly and provides counsel to many needing to move to the next step in their lives.

Evelyn cares about poverty alleviation and animal welfare. Connecting with people interests her far more than spending all day at the computer screen. She is very interested in working with ‘conscious’ people. Evelyn is here coaching with business development and management for Leaders’ Partner.

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